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Invitation for trainee in diabetes and endocrinology to join the ABCD academic sub-committee

The newly formed ABCD academic subcommittee are inviting applications from trainees in diabetes and endocrinology to join their board.

The committee feel it is important to include and involve trainees in the activities of the sub-group, including reviewing of funding applications, ABCD meeting abstracts and in contributing to discussions on supporting the growth of academic diabetes in the UK.  This is in line with the function of the academic sub-group which is to support the academic agenda of ABCD and is listed as:

  • Advising ABCD on matters relating to diabetes research which may be of national importance and where ABCD may contribute in a leadership role
  • Develop and oversee the grant funding structure of ABCD in line with recognised national processes and in line with the aims and objectives of ABCD.
  • Encourage and support the growth of diabetes clinical academia including contributing to the direction of clinical diabetes research in the UK through the Colleges, Training committee and the Government.
  • To support the activities of other Subcommittees of ABCD
    • Scientific Events committee through promoting and reviewing abstracts for ABCD conferences, identify suitable academic speakers including suitable recipients for named lectures
    • The BJD through promoting awareness of the Journal and of and high-quality submissions to it

Apply here

The closing date for applications is Thursday 22nd April 2021