A Covid-19 Response Action – Diabetes Management in Care Homes

Dinesh Nagi
Date of the announcement: 
Tuesday, 28 April, 2020

A National Stakeholders Covid-19 Response Group Interim Guidance developed by JBDS-IP, ABCD, Diabetes UK and diabetes FRAIL

This guidance is designed to support clinical decision-making in care homes. As such, the guidance will take into account the availability of skilled personnel, access to monitoring of blood glucose (sugar) and ketones, fluid administration limits, and overall level of care likely to be available.

This guidance was prepared by a multidisciplinary stakeholder group in order to:

  • Minimise morbidity and mortality from Covid-19 in care home residents with diabetes
  • Alert care homes that those residents with diabetes are at very high risk of Covid-19 infection
  • Emphasise that those at the highest risk of poor outcomes from Covid-19 are those who have: frailty, several existing medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease or respiratory disease, diabetes-complications, treatment with steroids, a life expectancy <6 months
  • Maintain the safety of all those living and working within the care home

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