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Cardiovascular impact of new drugs (GLP-1 and gliflozins): the ABCD position statement

After a lengthy gestation of a few years whilst new trial data became available, ABCD is, at last, pleased to announce a Position Statement on the Cardiovascular Impact of New Diabetes Medications – DPP-IV inhibitors, GLP-1 receptor agonists and SGLT2 inhibitors. The ABCD position has undergone a continual evolution as new outcome trials were published, and ABCD is now able to give evidence-based best practice advice with regard to the newer anti-diabetes drugs.  For a brief overview of the evidence and very brief summary advice, the position statement starts with an abstract and summary. This is followed by a more detailed account of the evidence and rationale behind the summary advice being offered to health-care professionals.  ABCD hopes that its members and all clinicians managing patients with diabetes find the advice useful in support of their day-to-day clinical decision-making.

The position statement is now on-line in The British Journal of Diabetes and can be viewed using the following link:

With best wishes on behalf of the ABCD Position Statement’s Sub-Committee and the ABCD Executive:

Dr Ansu Basu
Dr Dipesh Patel
Dr Peter Winocour
Dr Bob Ryder