ABCD workgroup start work on guidance for the recovery of Diabetes Services

Dinesh Nagi
Date of the announcement: 
Wednesday, 20 May, 2020

As we enter the beginning of the end of the first phase of coronavirus epidemic, clinical teams both in specialist centres and primary care need to start focussing on recovery of diabetes services with immediate effect. Specialist teams and local primary care services will have a large numbers of patients, whose face to face appointments have been cancelled during the COVID Crisis. 

ABCD is well placed to lead on this recovery work and has been in discussions with Primary Care Diabetes Society (PCDS) and NHS diabetes and has put together a multi professional working group which met for the first time on 15/5/2020.

The first priority is to produce quick guidance on the principles of recovery including risk stratification of people with diabetes, for review.

  • Focus should remain on maintaining vital elective care
  • Begin to plan to launch recovery of diabetes services post disruption
  • Drive innovation and change post COVID, keeping what we have found useful during Covid and changing what has not worked so well now and in the past.

The group membership  at present is as follows:

  • Dr Pratik Choudhary (DTN Chair)
  • Mike Gwilt (Medical Writer)
  • Leslie Mills (Nurse Consultant in Diabetes) 
  • Dr Dinesh Nagi (ABCD Chair)
  • Dr Karissa Owen (GP in Derby and CCG lead for Diabetes)
  • Dr Dipesh Patel (ABCD Chair elect)
  • Dr Gerry Rayman (National GIRFT Lead)
  • Dr Emma Wilmott (Founder DTN and Consultant Diabetologist)
  • Dr Peter Winocour (Chair of JSC at RCP London)

We are seeking representation through DUK of a Diabetes Service User to contribute to this important work.

We encourage members and colleagues to share useful local examples of clinical prioritisation work that is planned or underway for diabetes at

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