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ABCD DTN-UK endorses the International Consensus on Time in Range


Last year Tadej Battelino and colleagues published the International Consensus on time in range which can be found here: These international guidelines, combined with the recent increase in patient access to interstitial glucose monitoring, present an opportunity to fundamentally change and improve our approach to glucose data in diabetes clinic consultations.  With the wealth of glucose data available additional metrics of therapeutic success, beyond HbA1c, are now possible. The time in range recommendations are new to many.  It is important that health care professionals become familiar with the specific guidance for people with T1/T2 diabetes, those in the high-risk category and women with Type 1 diabetes who are pregnant. As such, the Diabetes Technology Network UK have published “Time in range: a best practice guide for UK diabetes healthcare professionals in the context of the COVID‐19 global pandemic”. The article can be access at:


Dr Emma Wilmot, Prof Pratik Choudhary, Dr Alistair Lumb on behalf of DTN-UK