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ABCD Diabetes and COVID National Diabetes Audit - Two Papers Published

The ABCD Diabetes and COVID National Diabetes Audit is still live.  We have now published 2 papers:

  1. an analysis of the clinical characteristics of nearly 200 people with Type 1 diabetes and their outcomes (Diabetologia -
  2. a methodology paper outlining the methods used in collecting the data and analysing it (British Journal of Diabetes -

All authors have been acknowledged in the papers ( and we are very grateful for your support in submitting the data.  We currently have data collected from 3665 patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes and COVID-19, submitted by a total of 45 NHS centres around the UK.  The Audit remains open and we are keen to receive any further data which will go towards further analysis and publications.

Thank you to all those who have submitted so far and please do visit our website for further information:


Dr Rustam Rea, Dr Emma Wilmot, Prof Kamlesh Khunti, Prof Sarah Wild, Dr Ben Field, Dr Parth Narendran, Dr Rajiv Gandhi, Dr Sophie Harris, Dr Dinesh Nagi and Dr Bob Ryder

The ABCD Covid-19 & Diabetes National Audit team