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Can projects using existing large scale data bases can also be funded via this grant?

Is it acceptable to include FTE% for the PI and co-investigators? 
This cost would not be covered for applicants already employed in an academic institution. FTE% will however be considered on a case-by-case basis for applicants from non-academic institutions.

“Is a non-clinical researcher (i.e. not a medical doctor or nurse) eligible to apply? 
Yes, applications from nonclinical researchers are encouraged

Are equipment, staff, and consumables costs, eligible for funding? 

Can research costs include access fees to electronic databases? 

Is it possible to submit a project with a longer duration than 24 months? 
If a project was to run for longer than two years, the Diabetes Care Trust would need to be consulted and further clarification of how money will be granted would be required.

Is it possible to use %FTE to pay the analyst who is based in industry? 
Yes, it is possible. 

Would systematic reviews be supported? 

Could overheads (estate and indirect costs) associated with staff costs be included?
No, there would be no payment of overheads.

How do I appeal an unsuccessful application? 
Please email  each appeal will be received on a case-by-case basis

Please contact us if you have any questions or require any support with your application.