Time To Join ABCD Nationwide FreeStyle Libre Audit

Professor Thozhukat Sathyapalan, Clinical Lead, ABCD Nationwide FSL Audit
Date of the announcement: 
Tuesday, 16 January, 2018

Clinical staff using FreeStyle Libre should now start collecting data for the FreeStyle Libre nationwide audit. The online tool for data entry is currently being developed on N3 and we are uncertain when this will be ready, but the data can be collected at once on paper forms that you can order and will be sent to you if you fill in submit this form HERE .  You can also download the forms from the ABCD nationwide FreeStyle Libre audit webpage HERE . On the webpage you will find further information about the audit. You will also be able to  register for the audit from the webpage and it will be from that page that you can access the online tool.  You should register for the audit now and start collecting data on the paper forms and then as soon as the online tool is available you will be notified and given username and password. You should collect data both on your patients already started on FreeStyle Libre, no matter how long ago, as well as those you start on it in the future.  If you collect the data on the paper forms you will, when the time comes, be able to easily transfer the data from the paper forms to the digital database or assign this task to another appropriate person such your secretary or, for instance, a medical student or junior doctor. It must be stressed that the paper forms match the online tool exactly. If you have any questions then you can contact the data administrator for the project, Melissa Cull HERE .

With best wishes on behalf of ABCD:

Prof Thozhukat Sathyapalan
Dr Emma Wilmot
Dr Chris Walton
Dr Bob Ryder

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