ABCD Conference 2020

ABCD Conference Programme

Wednesday 16th December

09.00 – 10.45 Session 1; Where are we now?

Session time Session title
09:00 Welcome and opening remarks from the ABCD Chair Dr. Dipesh Patel, London
09:15 COVID-19 and diabetes update Chaired by Umesh Dashora Professor Gerry Rayman, Ipswich
10:00 COVID-19 and endocrinology update Chaired by Dinesh Nagi Professor Ashley Grossman, London
10:45 Break

10.55 - 12.40 Session 2; Clinical Updates

Session time Session title
10:55 Real-life and observational studies of diabetes medications: just junk? Chaired by Susannah Rowles Professor Philip Home, Newcastle upon Tyne
11:40 Paradigm shift in Diagnosis of type 1 diabetes Chaired by Andrew Macklin Professor Polly Bingley, Bristol
12:25 Presentation of the Rowan Hillson Inpatient Safety Award Live interview with the winner and runner up Dr. Umesh Dashora, Hastings
Professor Ketan Dhatariya, Norwich
12:40 Break

12.50 - 14.10 Session 3

Session time Session title
12:50 Symposium organised and funded by Novo Nordisk Ltd The Cardio-Metabolic Challenge – A journey of collaboration and innovation Dr. Mimi Chen, London
Dr. Rajay Narain, London
13:25 The John Wales Memorial Lecture 2020 ‘Research; success and failure’, chaired by Dinesh Nagi Dr. Jonathan Bodansky, Leeds
14:10 Break

14.20 - 15.50 Session 4

Session time Session title
14:20 ABCD audit updates Chaired by Chris Walton Dr. Bob Ryder, Birmingham
14:35 Testosterone and diabetes Chaired by Bob Ryder Professor Hugh Jones, Barnsley and Sheffield
14:50 A year in Diabetes related Nephropathy Chaired by Peter Winocour Dr. Tahseen Chowdhury, London
15:30 ABCD workforce audit update Chaired by Dipesh Patel Dr. Stella George, Stevenage
15:50 Break

14.50 - 15.50 SpR Parallel Sessions

Session time Session title
14:50 Workshop 1 - Clinical conundrums: Gastroparesis, Stephen Thomas & DKA dilemmas, Ketan Dhatariya Dr. Stephen Thomas, London
Professor Ketan Dhatariya, Norwich
14:50 Workshop 2 - How do I set up a service in the modern NHS? Dr. Vijay Jayagopal, York
15:20 Workshop 3 - How do I do...research? Dr. Parth Narendran, Birmingham
15:20 Workshop 4 - How do I do... leadership Professor Baldev M Singh, Wolverhampton

16.00 - 17.00 Session 5; Debate

Session time Session title
16:00 Debate: Cardiologists should prescribe SGLT2i medication in admitted patients under cardiology care. Chaired by Dinesh Nagi
For the motion - Professor Stephen Wheatcroft - Against the motion: Professor John Wilding.
Professor Stephen Wheatcroft, Leeds
Professor John Wilding, Liverpool
16:50 Prizes and Close Umesh Dashora Dr. Umesh Dashora, Hastings



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