On demand webinar: Non-attendance at diabetes healthcare appointments - what are we missing?

In the first of the 2023 ABCD webinar series, please join Dr. Sarah Brewster to discuss ‘Non-attendance at diabetes healthcare appointments - what are we missing?’

This session will discuss how non-attendance at the diabetes annual review and specialist diabetes clinics is a significant issue, associated with worse outcomes for those living with diabetes. Dr. Brewster will discuss the limitations in how non-attendance is quantified, the complexity of non-attendance behaviour and the paucity and limitations of available research on the topic. She will talk through some of the recognised determinants and factors associated with the behaviour, but stresses the importance of ongoing audit, research and development of services to better understand how healthcare can adapt to meet the needs of this group of patients who may be more susceptible to the deleterious effects of diabetes


Dr. Sarah Brewster

Sarah Brewster

Sarah is a newly appointed Consultant Diabetologist at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust. She has a research interest in exploring and understanding the complexity of non-attendance behaviour in those living with diabetes and how to adapt services to better support this population. She is coming to the end of her PhD exploring the role of community pharmacists in the delivery of diabetes care and has had some of her work published in peer-reviewed journals.




Dr. Hermione Price

Hermione is, amongst other things, a consultant diabetologist at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust and University Hospitals Dorset. Her clinical interests include the management of diabetes and obesity in people living with severe and enduring mental illness.
In addition, Hermione is joint training programme director for Diabetes and Endocrinology in Wessex and joint diabetes lead at Wessex NIHR Clinical Research Network. Hermione is a past lead for diabetes at the Wessex cardiovascular strategic clinical network.
Hermione is an active researcher and is currently supervising several PhD students.
Hermione works less than full time and is passionate about work/life balance and actively embraces the portfolio career.

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Type 2 diabetes mellitus
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