Regional Champions

Regional Champions

Regional champions host regional meetings across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland bringing ABCD expertise and knowledge to local regions, promoting the multidisciplinary education of diabetes healthcare professionals and sharing of best practice in the field.

These regional meetings will provide sponsors with an additional opportunities to make contact with healthcare professionals over and above our national meetings and bring in a different audience to ABCD. The initiative has the support of PCDS and DUK.


  • Widens sphere of influence of ABCD
  • Increases visibility of ABCD across the country
  • Enhances reputation of ABCD
  • Indirect contribution to good quality diabetes care by training the workforce delivering different aspect of diabetes care.
  • Opens opportunities for ABCD to explore a multidisciplinary, multi-stream annual meeting
  • In situations where the meetings are done virtually, the event can be hosted regionally but received world-wide.


ABCD has now got a well-established regional programme with regional groups to ensure the quality control of education programmes and to ensure regional issues are highlighted. Each group will comprise an ABCD Regional Champion, a Regional Educator and a GP lead in Diabetes.  Each regional programme group will be responsible for the programme content and will identify and agree speakers (with support and co-ordination from ABCD committee as required).  

Regional meeting co-ordinators (ABCD Clinical Champions) are expected to link with any pre-existing meeting(s) in diabetes and endocrinology through local collaboration.

ABCD’s appointed event management and secretariat team (Red Hot Irons) provides administrative support, marketing of events and delegate registration etc. for each meeting. Currently meetings are free for delegates to attend, although to minimise the risk of non-attendance (no-shows) on the day a refundable deposit may be considered. It is hoped that local sponsorship will be sought to cover event expenses.

The programme start date is flexible and meetings can be organised throughout the year to suit the needs of the region and depending upon local circumstances whilst aiming to avoid clashing with national/international diabetes events.

Marketing and advertising of these meetings is crucial for attendance and this requires early programme development (at least 3 months prior to event taking place) with promotion via

  • ABCD database and e-bulletins
  • DUK
  • GPs through PCDS  
  • DSNs, through national and local through TREND
  • Diabetes news Nick Oliver
  • Regional Consultants and SpRs (Deaneries  and TPDs)

Regional Champions