Mrs. Catherine Thompson

Musgrove Park Hospital

Catherine Thompson is the Lead Diabetes Research Nurse and also part time manager of the Diabetes specialist nurse team at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton.
Catherine has experience of a wide variety of commercial and academic research studies covering diabetes, metabolic studies and weight management. She has a specialist interest in exercise and diabetes. Catherine commenced her research career in 2007 to work on the Early ACTID study (type 2 diabetes and exercise). Research for her dissertation (MSc Diabetes Advanced practice, 2013, King’s College London) focussed on exercise and type 1 diabetes in relation to the experience, knowledge and attitudes of health care professionals. She is currently involved with developing and piloting EXTOD Education (EXercise for Type 1 Diabetes), a randomised control trial which is delivering a new education programme to help adults with type 1 diabetes exercise safely.