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NHS England highlights progress in commissioning local diabetes services

Susannah Rowles (ABCD Committee Member)
Date of the announcement: 
Tuesday, 6 February, 2018

NHS England has published the Clinical Commissioning Group Improvement and Assessment Framework (CCGIAF) results for local diabetes services in 2016/17. The Framework shows how local CCGs are performing against criteria across a number of therapeutic areas and rates CCGs accordingly. In 2016/17, 86 CCGs were rated good or outstanding for diabetes services, an increase of 26 on the previous year. The causes of this increase has been attributed to transformation funding linked to patients’ attendance at structured education and achieving all three NICE treatment targets for good management of diabetes. Quarter 3 allocations of the transformation funding covering 170 projects across England were made at the end of December 2017. NHS England also pointed the appointment of new local diabetes network leads supporting CCGs that are poorly performing against the CCGIAF’s criteria. 

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