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Making Type 2 diabetes trials more effective – have your say on the most important results of treatment

Professor John Wilding (ABCD Member)
Date of the announcement: 
Friday, 18 May, 2018

• A recent systematic review of clinical trials for type 2 diabetes found that no single outcome was measured in all trials. HERE

• A new EU HORIZON 2020 funded study wants to find out what the most important results of treatment for Type 2 diabetes are, to establish a set of minimum core outcomes that should always be measured in Type 2 diabetes research.

• The study needs input from all healthcare professionals involved in type 2 diabetes care or research. Taking part involves completing two online surveys.

• Take part online HERE

• Still need convincing? Spend one minute finding out about why core outcome sets are important here: Video click HERE

• Please also forward this to other members of your team so that they can contribute too.

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