4th Joint Meeting of the Association of British Clinical Diabetologists and the Renal Association Programme

Session 1 (9.00 – 11.15) Dr Peter Winocour, East & North Herts NHS Trust

Session time Session title
09:00 Registration

09:30 Introduction and welcome
Dr. Peter H Winocour

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

09:45 Management of hyperparathyroidism and bone disease in DM with CKD
Dr. Helen Eddington


10:15 Outcomes from surgery for obesity in DM CKD
Professor Carel le Roux

University College Dublin

10:45 Post-transplantation diabetes
Dr. Adnan Sharif

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

11:15 Morning refreshments, posters & exhibition

Session 2 (11.45 – 13.15) Dr Indranil Dasgupta, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

Session time Session title
11:45 Neprilysin inhibition – additional benefits for cardio-renal disease in diabetes?
Dr. Richard Haynes

University of Oxford

12:15 Oral presentations of three selected abstracts

12.15 - Intensive medical therapy is associated with increase urinary excretion of neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (ngal) in experimental diabetic nephropathy. Yeong Huei Desmond Chuah.

12.35 - MicroRNA-155 upregulation induces podocyte insulin resistance; A new Therapeutic target in Diabetic Nephropathy? Alexa Wonnacott.

12.55 - Evaluation of HbA1c in a primary care cohort with Diabetes and Chronic Kidney disease (CKD). Anne Currie.
13:15 Lunch, posters and exhibition

Session 3 (14.15 – 15.45) Dr Debasish Banerjee, St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, London

Session time Session title
14:15 Invited overseas speaker: The challenge of hyperkalaemia with RAAS blockade in DM CKD – a role for potassium binders?* Sponsored Presentation
Professor Patrick Rossignol

Université de Lorraine

*This presentation has been sponsored by Vifor Pharma UK who have funded the speaker honorarium, travel and accommodation costs. Vifor had no influence on the choice of speaker or the session title. The presentation slides and clinical content are the speakers’ own.
15:00 Anaemia – impact on CVD outcome in CKD and future management strategies.
Professor Iain Macdougall

King's College Hospital

15:45 Afternoon refreshments, posters & exhibition

Session 4 (16.15 – 16.45) Dr Ana Pokrajac, West Herts Hospital Trust

Session time Session title
16:15 Real world data - Who gets which anti-diabetic drug in the UK and why? Do kidneys matter?
Dr. Laurie Tomlinson

London School of Hygeine and Tropical Medicine

16:45 Meeting closes