Important information regarding the reformulation of Ribena Blackcurrant

Dinesh Nagi, Chairman ABCD
Date of the announcement: 
Friday, 26 January, 2018

Lucozade Ribena Suntory (LRS) have announced the important changes that will happen to Ribena blackcurrant in February 2018. This follows the changes made to Lucozade Energy in 2017.  LRS are reducing the sugar content of Ribena blackcurrant by 55% in both the squash and ready to drink bottles.  These changes may impact those with diabetes that use Ribena blackcurrant to manage their low blood sugar levels, during an episode of hypoglycaemia. From February 2018, there may be a period when new and old formulas of Ribena blackcurrant may be present on the shelves at the same time so consumers should check the nutritional information on the label located on the back of the pack.  We need to inform our patients with diabetes, who may be unaware of this

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