Mr. Mike Kendall

Mike Kendall has been living with type 1 diabetes for almost 30 years. He was diagnosed in his early twenties, and says he spent the next 20 years muddling along on his own with annual appointments to be told he was having "a few too many highs and a few too many lows", but that his results were OK and he "just needed to try a bit harder". It wasn't until 2010 that Mike began to engage with peer support online and in a few short years his understanding of his own diabetes and his approaches to managing it were completely transformed. It was also when Mike and his family began writing a blog about their experiences of living with his T1 diabetes under the name of 'every day ups and downs'. A few years later Mike began to be invited to a few diabetes events. Someone in a diabetes online forum also suggested Mike should apply to be a PWD (person with diabetes) representative on the NICE 'Type 1 Diabetes in Adults' Guideline Development Group, which was a fascinating project of sifting research and updating the national guidelines for the UK. It was a Consultant Mike met as part of that project who first invited him to speak to healthcare professionals to give a patient perspective. Various other invitations followed to speak to healthcare professionals (HCPs), people with diabetes, parents of children with diabetes and even politicians and government bodies followed, as did invitations to occasional conferences and product launches. It has been a great privilege for Mike to get to know some truly inspirational and passionate HCPs who are attempting to improve the experience and treatment of those living with T1 diabetes. He is currently a member of the ABCD T1 Clinical Collaborative, Diabetes Technology Network, Diabetes UK Diabetes Voices, chair of the PPI group for the HARPdoc trial, and a member of a number of patient participation/representation groups with device manufacturers and industry. It would be a full time job if any of it earned any money! He says his proudest achievement in the diabetes world has been working with fellow T1s and some brilliant HCPs to create - a website which seeks to provide a safe place for people just starting to look for information about diabetes online, and which nervous Drs and DSNs can comfortably point people in their clinics towards for rated, reviewed and reliable online support. Mike remains passionate about individualised care, the effective use of technology and education, the brilliant NHS and the power of peer support in improving the experience of living with T1 diabetes.


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