DTN-UK Annual Meeting

DTN-UK Annual Meeting Speaker: Dr. Tomás Griffin

Dr. Tomás Griffin
Leicester General Hospital

Dr Tomás Griffin is a graduate of the school of Medicine at the National University of Ireland Galway (First Honour). In addition, he holds a Masters in Clinical Research (First Honour) and a Higher Diploma in Clinical Education from the National University of Ireland Galway. He is completing a PhD in the prevalence of Diabetic Kidney Disease and novel biomarkers that may predict decline in renal function.

Dr Griffin currently works as a Clinical Fellow in Diabetes Technology at Leicester General Hospital, as a Diabetes Fellow at the University of Leicester and as a Clinical Consultant in Diabetes Communication Technology at the University of Dundee. Dr Griffin was previously the clinical lead for the Insulin Pump/Technology services at Galway University Hospitals, Ireland. He currently is the local lead for the roll-out of the Hybrid Closed Loop Insulin Pump Pilot at Leicester General Hospital. In addition to multiple academic publications, Dr Griffin has received national and international awards for his research.

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