Become a regional advisor for the RCP

Dr Susannah Rowles (ABCD Honorary General Secretary & Lead for Transitional Care)
Date of the announcement: 
Wednesday, 3 April, 2019

Here is the opportunity to become a regional advisor for the RCP and get a unique insight into your local area.

The post is unremunerated, which may deter some, however it can be counted as CPD and brings other intangible benefits such seeing job descriptions from other Trust and ensuring that potential consultant colleagues are supported in their roles.

It also gives the opportunity to canvas your local colleague to complete the annual work force survey that provides vital data to help champion our speciality.

Read the Role Desciption

Please contact me ABCD with your expression of interest which I will pass on the RCP.

Replacements are needed for :

  • East Midlands (North)
  • East Midlands (South)
  • North West
  • Northern Ireland
  • Peninsula
  • Severn
  • South London
  • Wales
  • West Midlands