All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Diabetes

Anna Pokrajac, Committee Member, ABCD
Date of the announcement: 
Tuesday, 5 December, 2017

APPG for Diabetes met at the House of Parliament on 29/11/2017. To see video footage from the event click the images at the end of the article. The group was chaired by Rt Hon Keith Vaz. Speakers included:

Patient Representative Gwynne Pickering, Debbie Hicks and Jill Hill from TREND-UK, Dr Helen Atkins, University Hospitals of Leicester, Dr Elizabeth Martin, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust, Dr Ana Pokrajac Diabetes Consultant Diabetes UK National Clinical Champion.

The main topic of the discussion was the role of Diabetes Specialist Nurses(DSNs) in diabetes care, lack of the curriculum and  competency frame work. The concerns about the title being used in different situations describing wide range of health care professionals (HCPs), some of whom barely had any structured education on diabetes were raised.

Some surprising insights on unknown number of DSNs in the workforce were shared.

The outcome of the meeting was action plan for Jonathan Valhabjee, the National Director of NHS Diabetes to take the list of competencies and framework prepared by TREND-UK to the Government for ratification.

For further information follow @APPGDiabetes on Twitter.

To see brief video footage of the APPG for Diabetes in action on 29 November, 2017, click each image:

The APPG for Diabetes, 29 November, 2017


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