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ABCD worldwide audits

Worldwide audit of new diabetes therapies

ABCD is now cloning its N3 audit tools onto a secure server accessible world-wide for audit purposes. Everything is exactly the same except that the patient identifier is encrypted. Instead of users registering centres and sites as in the N3 versions, users register countries and centres in those countries. The sophisticated analysis tool will be available for Centres to analyse their data, but super-users within the country will be able to analyse the national data using the same facilities. At the same time all the anonymised data will be available for worldwide data analysis.

The first such tools to be made available are with regard to exenatide qw anddapagliflozin, with canagliflozin set to launch shortly; and the first country to register is Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland centres are historically very active contributors to ABCD nationwide audits, but Northern Ireland is not on N3 and hence has to use the worldwide tool.

Anyone from any Centre in any Country interested in registering to use the audit tools in this way should fill in the online application form. For further information contact Dr Bob Ryder, clinical lead, ABCD nationwide audits of new diabetes therapies by clicking here.

Endobarrier UK and worldwide registry

ABCD aspires to establish a UK registry of Endobarrier to capture routine clinical data on safety and efficacy of this new treatment - on N3, exactly the same data is collected for the N3 new therapy audits with exenatide QW and dapagliflozin. Click here for more information on endobarrier and the UK registry.

If this aspiration is achieved, it will then be a simple further step to deploy the same tool for a worldwide registry of endobarrier. The proposition is particularly attractive because the ABCD audit tools have a well honed bespoke facility for capturing changes in other diabetes therapies with time. Also the sophisticated data analysis tool of the exenatide QW and dapagliflozin audit tools would be avaialabe to deploy for use by individual centres, individual countries, groups of countries, or all worldwide data.