ABCD Nationwide Audits

ABCD Nationwide Audits

Since 2004 ABCD has been increasingly active in assessing new diabetes therapies through nationwide audit.  The history of this programme can be viewed on the following link:

ABCD audits of GLP1-receptor agonists

In particular the ABCD nationwide exenatide and liraglutide audits collected real live data on over 13000 patients from over 150 centres with over 500 contributors involved. There have been 12 published papers, 23 abstracts and 13 oral presentations. ABCD also has an ongoing audit of exenatide QW and a nationwide semaglutide audit.

A nationwide audit of oral Semaglutide was launched at the end of June 2021.

ABCD Technology Audits

Following on from the success of the FreeStyle Libre Audit, the DIY APS audit launched in 2019 to capture data on the use of these patient developed systems. As an expansion of this audit, recognising the growing accessibility of commercially available closed-loop systems, the ABCD closed-loop audit launched in 2021. Both audits use the same tool and can be joined at the same time. For more information and to join the audit click here:

In addition to this, the international OmniPod audit launched earlier this year to collect data on the use of these patch-pump insulin delivery systems in the real-world. For more information on this audit please follow the audit link here:

ABCD audits of SGLT2 inhibitors

In the wake of the GLP1-receptor agonist programme, we are now focusing in particular focusing on the SGLT2 class with the nationwide dapagliflozin audit launched in Sept 2014, the canagliflozin audit launched in January 2016 and an empagliflozin audit launched in March 2017. Combined analysis from all these audits is now underway and some interesting comparisons between each of these drugs has been presented nationally and internationally.

ABCD FreeStyle Libre Audit

This nationwide audit, our first of a device, launched in November 2017. An online tool was launched in August 2018 and a deadline for first data analysis was set for 14 December 2018.  As of that date we had we had 216 users from 127 sites in 100 centres contributing data on 2869 patients.  Analysis of this data is now ongoing. It is important to stress that was just the first deadline and that the audit continues. It is particularly important that follow up data is submitted as your patients return to see you in the months ahead. For more information and to join the audit click link.

Other current ABCD Nationwide Audits

We have an ongoing audit of insulin degludec and nationwide audit of IDegLira launched in April 2017.

A nationwide audit of Covid-19 and diabetes has been ongoing since the summer of 2020. A worldwide audit of testosterone in men with type 2 diabetes was launched in December 2020. ABCD also hosts a worldwide EndoBarrier registry. Nationwide audits of the Omnipod DASH system and closed loop systems are in the planning stages and set to launch during the summer of 2021.

What We Have Learned From The Audits

We have learned a considerable amount from the ABCD audit programme that is continually informing us and helping us to improve patient care. For more information about what we have learned use the following link: