ABCD Nationwide Audits

Since 2004 ABCD has been increasingly active in assessing new diabetes therapies through nationwide audit.  The history of this programme can be viewed on the following link:

ABCD audits of GLP1-receptor agonists

In particular the ABCD nationwide exenatide and liraglutide audits collected real live data on over 13000 patients from over 150 centres with over 500 contributors involved.  There have been 12 published papers, 23 abstracts and 13 oral presentations. ABCD also has an ongoing audit of exenatide QW.

ABCD audits of SGLT2 inhibitors

In the wake of the GLP1-receptor agonist programme, we are now focusing in particular focusing on the SGLT2 class with the nationwide dapagliflozin audit launched in Sept 2014, the canagliflozin audit launched in January 2016 and an empagliflozin audit set to launch early in 2017.

Other current ABCD Nationwide Audits

We have an ongoing audit of insulin degludec and a nationwide audit of iDegLira about to launch in early 2017.