ABCD DTN UK Team Education Day (Manchester) Programme




 Registration and coffee



 Chair introduction



 Where are we now? Update of   current pumps & new pumps soon to   be available

 Peter Hammond, Harrogate


 Use of Libre with insulin pumps   and interpretation of data.

 Emma Wilmot, Derby


 Tea and coffee




  • Use of Fiasp in pump
  • Use of CGMS with pump
  • Use of advanced bolus features 
  • Use of minimed with smartguard technology

 Emma Wilmot, Derby;   Lalantha   Leelarathna, Manchester; Peter   Hammond,   Harrogate; Hood   Thabit,   Manchester.




 13.45 & 14.30

 Interactive workshops              Choose 2, 45 minutes each:                 


   Exercise and pumps  Hood Thabit, Manchester
   Pregnancy and pumps  Peter Hammond, Harrogate
   Transition and pumps  Emma Wilmot, Derby


 Tea and coffee



 New technology in action

 Lalantha Leelarathna,   Manchester


 Questions and feedback


 16.30  Close