ABCD DTN UK Team Education Day (Coventry) Programme




 Registration and coffee



 Chair introduction

 Nitin Gholap, Coventry


 Technology review: which tech is the   right one for which individual?

 Emma Wilmot, Derby


 Libre approval update in our area

 Nitin Gholap, Coventry


 Developing your pump service.

 Emma Wilmot, Derby


 Tea and coffee  



 Pump download cases: The 
ABCD of pump downloads

  • Case 1 - pump
  • Case 2 - AGP
  • Case 3 - SAP 

 Emma Wilmot, Derby & Jackie   Elliott, Sheffield





 Interactive workshop: Exercise &  pumps

 Parth Narendran, Birmingham


 Interactive workshop: Pregnancy &   pumps

 Janet Carling, Harrogate


 Tea and coffee



 Interactive workshop: Transition &   insulin pumps 

 Jackie Elliott, Sheffield


 Psychology and technology: 
 diabetes distress and motivational
 interviewing in clincial practice.

 Judith Carpenter, Derby
 16.15  Summary  

 Nitin Gholap, Coventry

 16.45  Close